first year of uni = done

I can’t quite believe it – on Friday I finished my first year of university. Done. Finito. It sounds cliché but the year has genuinely gone so fast for me. It has always been a longstanding dream of mine to go to university, and now I’m a third of the way through. I have achieved things I never thought I would have, and I have overcome hurdles that have been holding me back for a long time. (See last post – overcoming public speaking).

On Friday 12th May I walked with a friend into uni, my stomach performing was felt like circus tricks. I’m not quite sure why I was so nervous, I was prepared after all. All I had to do was walk in, place my portfolio on the table with my name tag and wait for my tutor to complete my checklist, simple. But I think it came down to what the day represented, the final step, the handing over of months’ worth of work – letting it go and waking away from it. It was big. The day, my portfolio, the sentiment. All big and slightly overwhelming.

Once I reached home after submission I felt empty handed and it gave an enormous sense of relief. I then realised that it was time to start packing all of my clothes and belongings to begin the clearance of my accommodation room. The little space I had made my own since September was soon going to no longer be my own. Packing was hard both physically and emotionally. I am currently at home – home-home, that is, aka dad’s house – writing this post and I am surrounded by suitcases and bags full to the brim of my bits and bobs. Leaving my room behind and locking the door marked the exciting beginning of the summer holiday for me as well as the denouement of my first taste of independence – living away from home.

It has been an emotional weekend, I’m tired, grumpy and a bit achy, but let the next adventure begin.

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