Day 5 – nose op recovery

Currently on Day 5 of operation recovery. Blergh. I had an adenoidectomy and also the removal of a scar tissue adhesion in my left nostril (which formed during recovery of the septoplasty and turbinate reduction operation I had back in November 2016). Still with me?

So in terms of recovery, I feel very lethargic (no change there then) and it feels like there is what I can only describe as a big painful bruise at the back of my nose. The splint in my left nostril to stop another scar tissue adhesion forming is a right pain in the bum. Well, a pain in the nostril. Over the last few days the splint seems to have wiggled down slightly, making itself even more prominent in terms of my discomfort levels. Unpleasant is a big understatement. I get the splint removed in about a week. It’s going to drag!

Since around the end of 2014 I have had severe problems with breathing through my nose which results in terrible quality sleep. This means I’ve been a moody bitch the majority of the time and my ‘quality of life’ as the professionals say isn’t quite tip top. At all, really. My energy levels drop regularly and ‘I’m so tired’ seems to be all I ever say. The frustrating thing is, I used to be an energetic, bubbly person. Which means my lethargy stands out even more to me because I feel agonisingly far from my personal norm. I don’t think people realise how low my energy is most of the time. Living up to people’s expectations of being a young, energetic uni student is difficult when you feel like a struggling 75 year old. I feel like I’ve been in limbo for the last couple of years, waiting to feel ‘normal’ again. So my hopes are weighing heavily on the results of this operation.

Once I have recovered and my splint is removed, I should be back on the right track. I have now had the operation which my consultant believes will help me breathe better and subsequently sleep better, so once I have fully recovered (in a couple of weeks) I should have more energy. It seems so simple, but it’s something I crave. I want to be able to get through a day of uni without needing to get away from people and cry and crash in my room at 4pm. I honestly can’t wait. I can’t wait to stop complaining about how little energy I have, and be a better friend to those around me. Recovery is unpleasant, but I’d do it a thousand times over if it means I’ll be back to my energetic self at the end of it.

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