revisiting old hobbies

I find drawing extremely relaxing and satisfying, yet I’ve neglected it for so long. Why? I couldn’t tell you. Perhaps it’s the age old ‘I don’t have time’. But as I’m currently still recovering from an operation I have found myself beyond boredom and seeking stimulants to momentarily take my mind away from the same four walls of my living room. I dug out an old yet untouched cartridge paper pad, grabbed a lone pencil on the side and found a random picture of the female body on Pinterest to duplicate. I began to copy the lines and remembered why as a child I extracted so much joy from drawing. The simplest pencil sketch gives me something to focus my attention on and put some level of effort into, and suddenly the creative juices start flowing, and I like to think I’m relatively good at accurately rendering the scale of figure drawings. It’s fun. It likens itself to my love of writing, focusing and perfecting something to produce an articulate / artistic outcome.

So, here are a few of my quick sketches that I’ve enjoyed scribbling over the last couple of days.



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