4 fab holiday pieces

What does a trip to Portugal in three days necessitate? A last minute shopping trip, of course! Having a small shopping fund aside for holiday clothes meant I was itching to get out and have a look round the shoppies.

Zara was my first point of call, as always. After sifting through each and every item on display I was in a long queue for the fitting rooms and I had my hands completely full with twelve pieces of clothing to try on, legs aching from standing still, arms pulling from the weight of all the clothes, and top lip glistening from the midday summer heat, but did I care? Nope, I was still smiling to myself with the excitement of trying on all the clothes and finding pieces which would make my holiday to Portugal just that little bit more fabulous. What is it about shopping that gets me buzzing so much? I rarely shop online unless absolutely necessary (such as when asos have a big sale on, who can resist that?) because I definitely love the whole shebang of walking into a store, reaching out and touching different garments as I glide by; picking something up saying ‘ooh, that’s me’ and trying it on to see if it will soon belong to me and my wardrobe. I love it.

An extra little fun twist this time around was that a few days ago I had a drastic hairstyle change, switching from my natural long, undeniably messy, light brown mane to a blonde ombre do which barely grazes my collar bones. My life was feeling a bit mundane so I definitely needed some sort of big change. And I love it. But this new glow to my appearance meant that early on in my shopping trip I realised that I was effectively styling a different person as I look completely different. This meant I had to put in a tad more effort as things I would normally pick out would potentially not quite fit my new look. This was fun though, and made my shopping trip far from boring.

So, without further ado, here are the four pieces from my little shopping trip:

Zara denim-look shirt

denim-look shirt, Zara, £29.99
sharp V-neck detailing

At £29.99 I thought this denim-look shirt was ever so slightly overpriced for what it is, I was expecting something closer to £25.99 from Zara. However when I put the garment on I was instantly in love. It was one of those oh-my-god-yes-love-it-done-sorted-mine type moments. I had it on for merely ten seconds before taking it off again and hanging it up on my appointed ‘mine’ peg as opposed to the sad peg on the left which hosted disappointing clothes which would remain in store. The fit was flattering and modern and I just loved the sharp V-neck. It looked okay on the hanger and the above picture does not do it justice, however it hung so elegantly on my figure that it was a done deal instantly.

Zara white linen shirt

white linen shirt, Zara, £29.99
sharp V-neck detailing

Excuse the unironed-ness in these photos (lazy? me? never) but I love this white linen Zara shirt. The shirt is a size Small but it is definitely oversized, which I usually veer away from, however in this instance it didn’t swamp my figure like some oversized garments. Rather it gave a casual yet contemporary spin on the current statement shirt trend. I love the fact that it’s linen. Like the previous shirt, this has a sharp V-neck which I definitely favour over button-up shirts.

Zara white crop top with detailing

white cropped top with detailing, Zara, £25.99
ruffled sleeves
eyelet tie sides

I picked up this white top whilst standing in the queue for the fitting rooms. I am so glad it caught my eye as the fit is perfect. It’s actually a size Large because it was the only one left, which worried me as I am usually a Small / size 8 in tops, but having tried it on it sat perfectly on my figure and I instantly knew I’d have it. The sweeping neckline is lovely and I can tell I will wear it often. I like how the design draws on the ruffled sleeve trend and also the corset trend by having mini eyelet tie detailing at the sides, but without overdoing either aspect. It’s a subtle nod to current fashion without going overboard.

Topshop mustard shoulder bag

mustard shoulder bag, Topshop, £20


And last but definitely the best, this ‘mustard’ orange shoulder bag has stolen my heart. The sharp edges and smooth material makes it super stylish. The fastening is quite unusual, which I feel is great for a holiday bag as it helps against pickpocketing. The bag has three small compartments inside (oh how I love bag compartments) and has a handy zip pocket in the back, great for keeping phone or money that extra bit safer.

Lightweight shirts, check. Fabulous bag, check. Next step? Packing!


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