Hannah’s holiday haul

Summer sun, holiday vibes. What else could you possibly need? … More clothes please!

Combine the feel good weather, exciting new location and general holiday buzz with some good old fashioned highstreet shopping and you enter a little realm I like to call paradise. Some may argue that ‘a holiday isn’t for buying clothes, it’s a time to relax and/or explore!’ but for me shopping overseas is just that. I find it simultaneously relaxing and exciting – one of my favourite activities with all the sparkly added bonuses of being abroad.

My holiday to Lisbon, Portugal was a mix of relaxation and fun, and a day dedicated to clothes shopping was bliss for me. Zara, Pull & Bear, Bershka and more were a stone’s throw from my gorgeous hotel so it would be rude not to pay a visit, right? They were practically calling my name.

Here are some of the pretty pieces I snatched up whilst I was away:

Playsuit, Pull&Bear, €19.99

This backless red playsuit is super light and comfy, perfect for walking around in the heat or for wearing over a bikini on the beach.

Patterned Culottes, Zara, $39.95

I had seen these striking culottes in Zara in the UK but the bold pattern scared me a little. Yet in Portugal my eye was drawn to them and once I had tried them on I was sold. They fit beautifully and hey, it never hurts to be daring once in a while!

Mustard Yellow Trousers, Zara, €39.95

-paired with mustard yellow t-shirt from Stradivarius, details next-

My friend pointed out these trousers saying they’d look great on me, and I scoffed at her saying hmm I’m not sure about that, but she persuaded me to try them on and I can’t thank her enough for it. Mustard yellow was always something I’d avoid at all costs but it seems to be my go-to colour at the moment (see bag in previous post, 4 Fab Holiday Pieces). As someone who is typically never seen in anything other than monochrome, yellow seems way out of my comfort zone. But I love it. Summer does strange things to you.

Mustard Yellow T-shirt, Stradivarius, €5.95

Again, mustard yellow. The sassy slogan isn’t something I’d usually wear but I just love this top. It’s comfy, easy to wear and actually goes with a lot of my clothes. Also super cheap! I’d never actually been into Stradivarius before, but it’s part of the Inditex group which also houses Zara. I’m glad I came across it!

Red Bralet, Stradivarius, €7.95

Also from Stradivarius, this little red number is me to a T. As a proud member of the itty bitty titty committee, I love wearing stuff like this. I don’t own any bras because, quite frankly, they’re pointless for me, but I love little bralets like this one. It reminded me of festival wear and is so tiny and easy to wear in the summer heat that I just had to get it. No questions asked. Perfect.

Denim-look Culottes, Bershka, €24.99

It was really hard to get a decent picture of these wide-leg Bershka culottes because of their flow, but believe it or not they are extremely flattering. Light, soft and comfortable, I had to have them.

I’ll soon be posting about the breathtaking beauty of Portugal’s capital Lisbon, so check in again soon for more!


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