breathe and read

Sometimes I gotta take a breather. Okay, a lot of times I gotta take a breather. When day to day stressing becomes a tad too much to carry around in my head, I like to take a few moments to read.

My patience can be second to zilch so grabbing hold of an actual book and attempting to settle enough to give it my full attention tends to be near impossible, so magazines are my perfect in-between comfort. Made for those temporary moments, like sitting on the train, chilling at the beach or, in my case, trying to escape the inevitable internal conflicts of my busy brain, magazines offer the perfect balance between busy bee and chill. With their flowing yet separated content I can take a break and enjoy a fab article or photoshoot sequence and then get back to whatever it is I was doing, without the guilt of losing grip of a character’s intensely demanding life dilemma as I potentially would reading a book. Or something like that.

I love the variety, too. I read Glamour and Elle for all things fashion focused and womanly, and I can’t keep my hands off the likes of Dazed and Phoenix for the photos and art inspo. I also recently picked up Breathe for the first time ever, and although I haven’t started it yet, a quick skim through the luscious pages concludes that it has me written all over it (not quite literally). With a tagline of ‘wellbeing, mindfulness, creativity, escaping’, this lovely you-focused magazine is all about looking after the most important thing of all, yourself. I can tell Breathe and I are gonna have some great wind-down time together.

I also have a guilty pleasure which consists of picking up department store Home mags and redesigning entire home interiors in my head with their help. I recently picked up M&S Home and M&S Home Furniture Directory, yet I have an excuse this time; my mum is moving house soon, woo! So I have a legitimate reason to get childishly excited and go through circling all the funky furniture that would look fab in a new place. Interior design future? On the horizon, obviously.

As I myself am studying fashion communication and have recently finished a group magazine project, I have a newfound respect for magazine teams who regularly bring out the best content for their readers. But I have always loved sieving through magazines, analysing layout choices, graphic design and writing techniques, consistently and genuinely yearning to be a part of the industry. Which in part is where this very blog has stemmed from – because what aspiring, self-respecting millennial writer doesn’t have a blog? Your girl is on it.

Thank you magazines, for giving me a little me time to escape for a while and simultaneously spring my future career ambitions into the forefront of my vision. Oh and also allowing me to divulge in my horoscope, the top trends as of right now and, of course, weird sex tips from celebs. Love it.


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