Prague: the magical city

Three nights, hundreds of memories. I returned two days ago from my city break to Prague and I am satisfyingly exhausted from all the exploring.

Our stay resulted in my mum nicknaming the area ‘the magical city’ due to the beautiful buildings and charming side streets just waiting to be discovered. I found many similarities in terms of character with my recent holiday to Lisbon – stunning architecture, towering monuments and charming atmosphere. Yet in Prague each elegant building boasts a striking yellow or pastel pink, standing out against the soft blue or grey of the structure next to it, complementing each other like a vibrant painting. And let’s not forget the Vltava River, a peaceful body of water flowing under a set of admirable bridges.

The astronomical clock tower and modern art gallery in the Old Town square, the imposing statue looking down on Wenceslas square and the majestic castle over the river were all impressive sights to see – and all so close on foot, too.

20120833_1530304457031497_435957091_n (1)

And can we just talk about the shopping experience for a minute?! The grandeur with which buildings house your go-to highstreet stores such as Bershka, H&M and Mango was just captivating. Grand entrance, high gold-painted ceilings, sparkling chandeliers? All of the above. I was in heaven, not to mention the summer sales being in full swing. Even better.

Prague has an unexpected abundance of Thai restaurants and spas among its picturesque streets, and they definitely do not disappoint. On our last night in the city we walked along the river seeking out a place to eat when we stumbled upon a Thai eatery called Yӧli Restaurant. The interior was authentic and calming with the kindest staff you could ask for. I had veggie rolls for starters and a beef and vegetable stir fry with jasmine rice as my main dish. Oh my, it was amazing. The kind of food that makes you go ‘mmm’ and ‘ooh’ whilst eating. It was fab.

And to follow suit from our restaurant visit, the next morning to bridge the gap between checking out of our room and leaving for the airport we decided to have an hour-long massage together in our hotel’s tiny, tucked away Thai spa. Oh my goodness, it was the most satisfying massage I have ever experienced. We had booked a head, neck and back treatment but our massage therapists pulled out all the stops, kneading our entire bodies in an intense yet soothing routine, alleviating all tension from my muscles as well as my mind. It was pure bliss. Seriously, these guys knew what they were doing. The massage beds were on the floor as opposed to a table which confused me slightly at first, but I soon realised how it went down when my delicately framed masseuse positioned her knees against my buttocks and knelt on the backs of my thighs for half the experience. Bizarre yet strangely comfortable. The whole thing was definitely different, and I would definitely do it again.

Prague has blessed me with some precious memories and has provided countless smiles, so for that I can’t fault this stunning city at all.


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