Deelive Design Store in Prague

I stumbled across this little gem of a store one evening in Prague last week. Can we just appreciate how crisp and clean its interior is?!

I found this place along the river in Prague and was instantly drawn inside. Upon my sheepish entrance I was greeted by a kind, white-bearded gentleman who had an air of grandeur about him. I instantly adjusted my posture and felt inferior yet welcome. He explained in soft, broken English that we were standing in a brand new design store in which up and coming Czech designers were showcasing their work.

Everything in store was either limited edition or one-off pieces and all for sale (for eye-wateringly high prices might I add). It’s kinda obvious that my mum and I didn’t purchase anything however immensely tempting it was to splash out on the luxuriously stylish accessories.  Products ranged from sleek sunglasses to contemporary leather bags to sharp wardrobe essentials. I had an overwhelming sense of awe and managed to snap some pictures  without the host giving me a dirty look. The layout tickled my inner interior designer’s fancy and was just too modern and minimalist to ignore. Love it.



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