6 summer sale essentials

This time of year calls for one thing; a jolly trip to London to catch the sweet summer sales.

I hurried along to Oxford Street and Regent Street to divulge in the rows of sales racks in various humongous high street stores. Those bright red sale signs pull me in like a moth to a flame, as I flutter around the shops searching for the perfect summer treasure. I went to London looking for some flip flops, and returned with tops and dresses and jumpers and shorts. But they were on SALE. So you can’t judge me. (Okay some weren’t. But shh.)

Here are 6 sweet summer sale pieces that are among the new additions to my wardrobe from my London haul.


Yellow Blouse, Topshop, £29

I paid: £26.10

yellow (4) bright

First off, I admit it. This summery piece wasn’t in the sale. HOWEVER, I got 10% student discount (praise tha Lord) so I still count it. Yellow seems to be my go-to colour this summer and it makes me feel bright and happy, and this blouse is refreshingly light to wear which adds to that flowy summer feeling. With subtly flared sleeves and cute self-tie detailing at the front, this was a fab buy (I happened to wear it when I first met my man’s mama and it went super well, so it now has good luck attached to it too, obviously).


White Top, H&M, £17.99

I paid: £10

white (5) bright

This delicate top is a simple staple yet it has some pretty detailing which gives it that extra feminine touch. The bare shoulders trend is still in full swing, with bardot tops and shoulder cut outs blessing the highstreet. Not only does this top have bare shoulders taken care of, but it also boasts buttons, string tie detailing and frills. Can you get much cuter?


Black Top with Open Back, ZARA, £15.99

I paid: £7.99

ZARA is consistently my favourite highstreet store, so when I found this sleek, black, open-back top on sale for £7.99 it was a no-brainer for me. The self tie feature at the back is quite fiddly as the ties are very long, but I found that wrapping them around my waist first and then tying a loose bow at the back made for a sleek and comfortable wear.


Cream Jumper, ZARA, £29.99

I paid: £9.99

cream (2)

£9.99 down from £29.99. Need I say more? This sumptuous jumper feels like clouds and marshmallows and provides that snuggly ‘I’m not taking this off ever’ feeling. I imagine winter 2017 will see my relationship with this jumper flourish. We will be inseparable. The jumper features delicate eyelet detailing at the back with a string bow tied through. Love it.


Grey Shorts, Brandy Melville, £12

grey (2) contrast.jpg

So these weren’t on sale and I was denied student discount (sad face) but I had never heard of Brandy Melville before and I feel like it’s a treasure that was just waiting to be unearthed. From outside it felt Jack Wills-esque and I wasn’t feeling the vibe, yet my friend wanted to go inside. I’m so thankful we did because I fell in love! When I actually looked at the items everything was basic yet super stylish and I could see myself wearing pretty much the entire stock. Everything was labelled ‘ONE SIZE’ which in today’s society seems like a step backwards, yet everything was simple, stretchy and snazzy so I’m glad we came across it. Looking back now I wish I had bought all the things I tried on but I was cautious of spending too much money (booo). So I ended up with these cute grey shorts for lounging around the house in and I just love them. Simple and comfy.


Red Dress, H&M, £24.99

red (2) bright


Are you a frill seeker? This jersey dress has dainty frill detailing around the neckline, a subtle nod to the current frills trend, and is super stretchy and super comfortable. It hugs your figure and has an elegant midi length. Again, not in the sale, but who can say no to a bright red dress?


Photography credit: Olivia Elsey


Coming Up: the highlights from my visit to the Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion exhibition at the V&A museum!



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