LFWF17 Highlights

After my first magical visit in February, I was buzzing to immerse myself in Day 1 of the snazzy atmosphere of September 2017’s London Fashion Week Festival. When that sleek black ticket wallet came through the post I was immediately engrossed by the excitement of what LFWF17 had in store for me.

And my golly it did not disappoint. Once through the doors and up the winding staircase I was ready to indulge in the masses of designer and up-and-coming brands showcasing their popular pieces at sumptuous discounted prices. Fashion sales involving exclusive designs and the chance to speak to the experts involved? Come to mama. Me to a T.

I walked into the venue wearing a yellow Topshop blouse (which features in my blog post 6 Summer Sale Essentials, check it out, wink wink) and striped, wide leg, black and white House of Sunny culottes – that I grabbed at the February LFWF – and my super comfy Nike trainers. Almost immediately after stepping foot into the crowded shopping area of The Store Studios venue I was flagged down by an excited House of Sunny employee and she was absolutely buzzing with pride that I was repping their apparel. It was cute. I felt appreciated. So naturally I was compelled to browse their stall once again and make some fabulous purchases.

I walked away from the shopping event with a super soft green jumper with a zipped hood and tie waist and an eye-catching red, backless shirt again with tie detailing around the waist, both from House of Sunny. I also bagged an oversized white cotton shirt which, I have to say, was a tad on the pricey side, but beautiful nonetheless. It has delicate cut-out detailing on the sleeves and can be worn tucked in with some skinny jeans or as a dress with some sexy knee-high boots – I’ll just be sure to wear some shorts underneath to prevent flashing myself in all my glory. My last lovely purchase was a white, long-sleeved, plunge-neck top which has gold ring detailing at the front with a tie fed through which provides a pretty bow fastening. Both of these white ensembles were from modern brand Never Fully Dressed, whose brand representative on the day might I add had impeccable awe inspiring style. Half the time I was stood there, mouth most likely gaping, watching absorbedly as she strutted her stuff around the small boutique area. Just fab.

Once I was all shopped out, it was time for the big shebang. The ultimate event of the day: the LFWF 2017 Thursday catwalk trend show. And let me tell you, guys n gals, it was stunning. I had paid for front row seats yet I was shuffled to the side wing of the looped catwalk layout by busy staff as this apparently qualified as ‘front row’ (because the side wing was so narrow that only one bench row could fit there, cheeky buggers). I didn’t think much of being stuffed down the side quarters (how can anyone get insta worthy photos tucked away like that?) and by sheer luck the lovely show employee took the time out of her overflowing schedule to squidge some people up in the *real* front row and place me right in the heart of the action. Ta daa! I was ecstatic. I had just bagged myself the best seat in the house, in my opinion anyway. People like Lovely Staff Member deserve much more recognition than they get for going out of their way for difficult customers like me without a fuss. So thank you, kind lady.

The runway show featured three main trends – ‘That 70s Show’, ‘Suiting’ and ‘Dazzle’.


That 70s Show

Colours, flares, patterns, bold designs. This blast from the past encompassed all things bright and eyecatching.




‘I’ve got the power’ and ‘this is a man’s world’ blasting through the speakers set the upbeat tone for this masculine-esque suiting trend. Chunky boots and snazzy, professional two-pieces waltzed the runway. Animal print has made a comeback this year, too.




‘Get ur freak on’ was playing which perfectly accompanied the loud, daring collections on show, with faux leather, metallic shine and embellishment everywhere you looked.



All imagery my own



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