Blog Rebirth!

Hola! I’m back! It’s been almost three months since my last blog post. Three months! I feel like I have neglected my blog, but I have my reasons.

First of all, I have been head-over-bum busy. So busy in fact, that I’ve felt that twang of guilt whenever I’ve opened up my blog to take a stab at it again because I have known that I should really be doing my uni work. The last couple of months have been an abundance of second year uni intensity and I just haven’t felt able to juggle my uni work, my blog, my social life and my sanity all in one graceful act. Instead, it’s been a bit of a haphazard mass of heightened emotions, procrastination vs uni coursework, and binge-eating Jelly Tots (honestly I can’t stop eating them at the moment). So forgive me, but I’ve been a little preoccupied.

Having said this, I really don’t think it’s right to assume that I even would be hunky dory with juggling everything on my plate, as I am only human after all. By all means, do what you can and try not to plunge yourself into excuses every time responsibility comes knocking at your door, but I can’t express how important it is to take time for yourself and focus on Me for a while. Me is the one person in your life who will be around til the very end, and you need your comforts and sanity to be in check to ensure max happiness.

In today’s busybee workaholic society, chilling on the sofa is deemed lazy and having a bubble-bath is considered overindulgence – it makes it difficult to find the time to relax and switch off. In fact, I rarely do. Modern day tendencies rule it nigh on impossible to take the time for yourself to re-energise and recuperate without the overbearing guilt that you’re not doing something full of worth and productivity.

But when did self-care become unproductive? It is vital to your wellbeing to remain grounded and keep both your body and mind in top-notch condition, whether that means having that long awaited bubble-bath, putting down your work in the evenings or saying no to friends when you know rest is what you need. I am definitely still on this journey as it is typical of me to give myself too much to do and then collapse in exhaustion, frustrated that my body couldn’t carry me through the endless tasks of the day. But I’m trying to give myself more time and to cut myself a bit more slack as although I’m fab, I’m not quite Superwoman. So, although I have been bloody busy and my blog has clearly fallen behind, I plan on taking more time for myself and focusing on Me, as she’s a pretty important lady in my life. After all, writing is my passion and having neglected my blog I have in turn left behind my precious blog-writing downtime, too. I’m going to find a balance between getting my uni work done and maintaining my blog effectively, as well as taking the time to rest my delicate self.

Second to being overwhelmingly busy and juggling life’s priorities, I have also been rather disappointed in the direction with which my blog was heading. Subsequently I have neglected the blog a little bit out of frustration, because it hadn’t quite turned out the way I had envisioned. Originally I wanted to use my website as a platform to express myself fully, regardless of topic, but it naturally took the form of a fashion blog as quite honestly these are the easiest posts to form and promote on social media. However, although I love all things fashion-related, I always wanted my blog to be of more substance than that. I have subtly reshaped the nature of the blog, giving life to three distinct yet broad categories – Lifestyle, Fashion and Reflections. Hopefully this will allow me to write more freely and I will be able to use the Reflections category to express my thoughts on daily life.

Sometimes things need adjustment, whether that be the way your blog is laid out, the arrangement of food in the fridge or the way you view your own personal circumstances. Taking the time to acknowledge these changes will, before you take any action, shift your energy and focus to what’s important for you. Remember to give yourself love.cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-hlm-writing-logo-background211.jpg

The story behind this post’s featured image comes from a recent little trip to London with my boyfriend. I stumbled across Muji, a charming Japanese chain with a focus on minimalist design and a nice touch of recycling. They sell a variety of modern household bits and bobs, as well as a lovely oil selection with aromatherapy diffusers. The store’s minimalist interior drew me in and left an impression on me, contrasting itself from the chaos of the London streets outside. It definitely helped my senses to step into the store and feel the energy of calm inside Muji.

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