Seeing Clearly

If your mind is preoccupied with the events of yesterday, you won’t be able to see clearly today.You see through a problem-tinted lens which clouds your judgement, causing you to act on emotion rather than clear rationale. You are continuously reacting to your perception of the thing which is niggling at you in the corner of your mind, regardless of what you’re doing presently. You are at its mercy. Sound familiar? Until resolved in your heart, the problem will continue to taint your judgment and your subsequent actions.

Finding ways to stay grounded and calm so that your judgement is well maintained for all the chaos that life rains on you is essential when it comes to being secure in how you feel. Interpreting emotions, situations and the actions of those around you can be bewildering when your mind is preoccupied with an external niggle, however small it may be. The slightest interference with the continuum can be, for some of us, entirely overwhelming. I know I fit into this category.

Sometimes it’s near impossible to recognise that the issue is dictating your every move, let alone know what to do to resolve it in your heart. The answer differs from problem to problem and person to person. There is certainly no one size fits all by any means. But I have found that when your mind does let go of the problem, be it through resolution or sheer patience, the whole clouded judgement mechanism unravels. And when it does, your emotions slot back into place and you can gather yourself, feeling the welcome ability to relax and see clearly again. Acting now on your own wisdom and experience instead of behaving through the fog of emotion cultivated by the problem, you are met with feelings of freedom you didn’t quite realise you had been restricted from before. This shift is fascinating and very telling of just how sensitive our minds are to everything around us. Our entire beings can change at the mercy of one pertaining factor in our lives.

Recently my mind was fogged with an annoying perceived problem that I didn’t really know how to handle. I was irritable and tired and I couldn’t pull myself out of it. As hard as I tried, I didn’t fully understand it, so I couldn’t relax and think clearly. My emotions were heightened as I felt out of control, and a few days went by where I felt dull and burdened, like my shoulders were heavily weighted by the impending stress of the niggling issue at hand.

But soon after, with a little patience and self-care, I broke out of this mental cage and I became myself again. This shift allowed me to be kinder to those I loved and see their actions holistically and rationally, as I was no longer viewing everything through a problem-tinted lens and acting emotionally based on my irritable state of mind. I can’t pinpoint exactly how I left the problem behind, and it’s probably more complex than just one deciding factor, but that’s not the intriguing part. What’s fascinating is the immense shift and release in my mental state and my energy once the problem resided. This is very telling of the power of the human mind.

It is as though the problem had a hold of my mind and therefore my being, like a puppet on strings, determining my perception thereafter from my emotions right through to my actions. And as soon as the strings were cut I regained control of my being and I was able to see clearly again.

I find it interesting how delicate we are and how impressionable our minds can be when it comes to how we are feeling about something.

I don’t have the answer to freeing oneself from it but being aware of it is a step in the favourable direction. Some people have cemented self-confidence and prestigious mental grounding, allowing them to put their issues aside at the end of the day and remain grounded in their actions thereafter. But for most of us, life’s chaotic events can throw our fragile minds into a trance-like state, where each action taken and each word spoken is under the influence of the burden of stress or upset.

Perhaps becoming accustomed to your own emotional tendencies and finding ways to step back and look at things as a whole before acting off the bat is the key to emotional well-being. Focusing on you. Life is stressful and the only constant is yourself, so becoming an expert on you sounds like a foolproof way to ensure your mind doesn’t carry you adrift and drown you in life’s difficulties, because you are then already one step ahead in determining your emotional outcomes.

It is easy to fall at the feet of your own mind and become its prisoner. The mind is a powerful thing and if you’re not careful, it will get carried away with itself and potentially cause havoc with your wellbeing. Take care of yourself, love yourself, and grow close enough to yourself that you can recognise the signs of clouded judgment and instability, so that you can guide yourself through life’s inevitable messes and remain grounded. It’s all one big juggling journey, after all.

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