New Beginnings

It takes sunshine and light to see the opportunities in darkness. I believe that every painful moment that aches your heart holds its own unique lesson or opportunity. For growth, learning, change or awakening.

I have seen so many happy children today. Bouncing around, playing in the beams of the sun, blissfully unaware of inner turmoil and anguish. Living life so presently that all they radiate is pure joy. Pure contentment, happiness in abundance. It made me smile, and laugh.

I saw babies and toddlers living their best lives, unbound by life’s struggles and pains.

Some were so occupied by splashing in the fountain, speaking intently to their mothers, or running as fast as they could under the sun, that they didn’t see me at all.

But I caught eyes with a few. Some stared inquisitively, searching my face and collecting information about the human before them. Some beamed from ear to ear as soon as they caught my gaze, relishing in being noticed.

As I write this I just witnessed a young girl exhibit sheer joy as she pet the nose of a majestic horse 4x her size. Her eyes lit up and she couldn’t contain her excitement.

I feel like children represent newness and fresh beginnings and purity. And today’s abundance of little ones running around felt like some sort of little comforting sign that positivity is round the corner. It was probably just because I happened to be out in town on a very sunny Friday afternoon, but regardless, I’m gonna call it a sign. After all, this wonderful world is full of little messages telling you to keep your head up. And if mine is through the smiles of those most pure among us, I’ll take that.

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