Post-Graduation Life

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about life after graduation.

I’ve come so so far in the last 9 months. I went through absolute mental hell, falling into a very dark place feeling entirely unable to get myself out. Somehow I did, and I managed to find my raison d’etre in The Sister Journal.

What’s The Sister Journal, you ask. It’s my final major project at university and hopefully my soon to be forever side-project. Have a quick look here for details. I’m in my third and final year at university and I have been Editor-in-Chief of the university magazine Storehouse for the last two editions of the publication. I’ll be leaving university very soon, and this is synonymous with waving goodbye to my baby. Storehouse has given me purpose, a sense of drive, a deep-rooted passion and fire within me. I have loved every grueling minute of it. We are a completely independent student magazine, meaning everything is done by the team of students with no external help from tutors or anyone else for that matter. We work bloody hard, and it’s wonderfully rewarding. It’s a big part of my life that’s coming to an end. So I’ve been thinking about it most days for a while now, it’s been bugging me in the back of my mind. What are you gonna do when you don’t have Storehouse again? Plummet into darkness like you did before? Lose your sense of self? No. No I won’t. Because I have grown so much since then, but I also now have The Sister Journal.

Sometimes in life you have a sudden self-realisation. I have realised that I thrive when I’m busy and working hard to produce a final outcome. Not having something to work towards and pour myself into leaves me feeling stranded and purposeless. Waving goodbye to Storehouse means welcoming The Sister Journal with open arms. Obviously (well, hopefully) I will have a job soon after I graduate, but having a continuous ‘me’ side-project like The Sister Journal will be the perfect thing to keep me stimulated and dedicated. It just feels right. It fits, it works. It makes sense.

And it’s for women. It’s a wonderful concept tailored to uplift, empower and ignite young women who love the written word. Right now I am doing it for me but eventually I’ll be doing it for all the women out there, too.

I am so excited to have already embarked on this journey with The Sister Journal, and I can’t wait to be the catalyst for it to flourish. I’m looking forward to what’s to come.

When one door closes, another one opens.

Keep shining.

Hannah Louise Murray


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